Healthy Building Network

Healthy Building Network

The buildings of the future are healthy and sustainable. This idea is pursued by the project “Healthy Building Network”.

The cross-border initiative in the Euregio Rhine-Meuse-Nord with its partners in Viersen, Venlo, Krefeld and Mönchengladbach aims to promote innovations in the area of healthy building. The project, which is funded by the EU, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Province of Limburg, is scientifically accompanied by the University of Maastricht.

But what is Healthy Building anyway? It is about ecological and sustainable building. The goal is the efficient use of raw materials, which are used in a circular economy for a long time and with high quality, ultimately not producing any waste. The design should therefore be environmentally friendly. Scientific studies have shown that the work environment affects the well-being and productivity of employees.

The project “Healthy Building Network” aims to network knowledge on both sides of the border. The goal is to build a network of the construction industry, in which innovative entrepreneurs meet and exchange ideas.
The transition to a circular economy aims to achieve a sustainable and low-carbon economy. Three aspects are in the foreground:

  1. Efficient use of raw materials
  2. Efficient use of energy
  3. Contribution to a healthy habitat

In addition, the circular economy offers opportunities for economic growth. The region should therefore develop in the field of healthy construction and become a leader.

Partners involved:

1. Lead Partner
Municipality of Venlo: It assumes the role of lead partner for the project. The community is internationally recognized as one of the leaders in the field of circular and healthy construction. Projects, such as the new city administration, have received international attention.

2. Work Package Management
WFG Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft für den Kreis Viersen mbH
Blue Engineering B.V.
WFG Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Krefeld mbH

3. Other Project Partners
Bluehub B.V.
University of Maastricht
WFMG Wirtschaftsförderung der Stadt Mönchengladbach mbH

With financial support through:

Interreg (Logo)
provincie limburg (Logo)

Contact persons

Heinz-Willi Stefes (WFG)

Heinz-Willi Stefes
Phone: +49 (0)2162 – 8179-124

Anastasia Araktsidou (WFG)

Anastasia Araktsidou
Phone: +49 (0)2162 – 8179-103

Monika Lange (WFG)

Monika Lange
Phone: +49 (0)2162 – 8179-102