Nettetal is a young and dynamic community. A conglomeration of six villages, the uniqueness and flair of its parts give Nettetal, which has a population of 41,700, an attractive diversity.

Its districts of Hinsbeck and Leuth make Nettetal an official spa town and therefore the ideal destination for nature lovers looking to unwind.

Nettetal is home to widely diverse landscapes including the border forest, the Hinsbecker Hills, Krickenbecker lakes, the moor and heathland, as well as the floodplains. Information centres like the “Biologische Station” at the Krickenbecker lakes, the “Naturschutzhof”, the “Landschaftshof Baerlo” and the “Geo-Hydrologische Wassergarten” will provide you with lots of valuable information about nature and the environment. River Nette flows within the town’s boundaries into 12 lakes which are all joined together like a chain of pearls.

Schloss Krickenbeck, one of the oldest moated castles in the Lower Rhine, is to be recommended, not only as a conference and meeting hotel nestling in a perfect setting. Rooms and facilities with a special ambience can also be booked for special occasions like company parties, weddings and baptisms.

Nettetal’s cultural scene is also highly colourful. With 500 seats, the town’s Werner Jaeger Halle is perfect for theatre, music and cabaret. Private initiatives complement the cultural programme with a series of concerts, theatre and open-air events and other performing arts. The “DIE SCHEUNE” Textile Museum gives one an insight into the Lower Rhine textile industry.

Nettetal profits from its excellent connections with the European transport network and its central position in the heart of Europe. The proximity to the Netherlands is a locational advantage. Nettetal is committed to a healthy mixture of businesses and trades with a focus on the processing industry, transport and services. Another advantage is that high-speed fibre optic connections have been laid in many of the areas right up to the property.

Numbers, data & facts

Area 83.87 km²
Height 38 m a.s.l.
Population 41,964 (31.12.2015)
Population density 500 citizens / km²
Prefixes 02153, 02157, 02158
Post code 41334