Niederkrüchten forms the heart of the international Meuse Schwalm Nette Nature Reserve. Unique is also the approximately 55 hectare Elmpter Schwalmbruch Nature Reserve with the biggest area of juniper heathland on the left of the Lower Rhine.

The 250 hectare Lüsekamp and Boschbeektal Nature Reserves stretch out along the Dutch border. An approximately 200-kilometre network of paths is perfect for walkers and cyclists wanting to enjoy the countryside.

Water sports enthusiasts will find ample opportunities for some quality leisure time on the Venekotensee and Hariksee lakes. The district of Brempt on the west bank of the Hariksee is a popular recreational destination. Brempt Mill on the River Schwalm and the “Kapelle St. Georg” (St Georges Chapel) both bear witness to the past. Restaurants and cafés are perfect for whiling away time.

Niederkrüchten has a number of impressive buildings whereby Haus Elmpt is worth a special mention. A manor house dating back to the 15th century, it is testimony to the Elmpt dynasty.

In addition to the excellent recreational opportunities, Niederkrüchten is an increasingly attractive location for businesses. The commercial location lies easy-to-reach in the south-western part of the Viersen municipal district in the prosperous Euregio Rhine Meuse North border region which is characterised by a continuous economic consolidation. Two major roads – the B 221 and the A 52 highway – intersect in the municipal district. The transnational A 52 links the area with the European trunk road network and the former British military airbase in Elmpt offers chances for future growth. According to the utilisation concept developed for the area, an approximately 150-hectare industrial estate for large-scale businesses (over 10 hectares) will be created from 2016. Adjoining it will be a business park for small and medium-sized businesses.

Numbers, data & facts

Area 67.07 km²
Height 68 m a.s.l.
Population 15,184 (31.12.2015)
Population density 226 citizens / km²
Prefixes 02163
Post code 41372